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Stella is a beautiful & very social girl loved by her family. Stella gets along with dogs that she’s familiar with and is very well trained. Due to no fault of her own, Stella’s family is searching for the perfect new home for her where she will be just as spoilt and treasured. Stella is familiar with cats but they over-excite her so she would be best in a dog-only home.

“I’m Stella and I’m turning 3 in May 2019. My start in life was precarious! As soon as my owner took me home it emerged that I had parvo – a dreadful disease for puppies. I was whisked off to hospital even before I had settled in to my new home. I deteriorated over several weeks and the vets decided to have me put down!! My owner begged and prayed and finally the doctor said the only thing we can try is a blood transfusion, if you can find a dog-donor. Thousands of dollars later, my condition stabilised and after many weeks I finally went home. With love and care I began to put on weight. However as I grew it became apparent that my development had been impaired.

By the time I was eighteen months, any prolonged exercise became very painful. Apparently cruciate ligament disease has set in. At the age of 2, many more thousands of dollars later, I had metal plates inserted into my back legs to strengthen them.

Now I am happy and healthy as long as I don’t do too much running. Now as you know, running for a dog is the biggest JOY but I am restricted to morning and evening walk of about 20-25 minutes preferably on soft surfaces. If I am allowed off leash I take the opportunity to have a bit of a frolic and run but only for five minutes, usually sniffing trees seems the wisest occupation.

I also get enormous joy from games – tug of war and frisbee (no tennis balls as they make me run and stumble), but when I get the frisbee – you have to chase me to get it back!!

I adore my owner and he loves me but is going overseas to work so I need a new home. It would be wonderful if so could be with a family and have another dog for company as I am categorised as a ‘companion’ animal.

Also, I need a good quality diet including raw meat like kangaroo or beef mince, a few lamb bones and some liver occasionally (and I don’t mind vegetarian scraps from grandma on the side!!). This will help me to keep lean and slender and looking my best (believe me, your social standing will improve as the owner of such a good-looker!) as well as stave off any possible strain on my legs or the onset of arthritis.

Now don’t fight over me!!”

Stella needs someone who will be home with her most of the time. A meet and greet with Stella is essential

Additional Details

  • Veterinary check in the last 12 months:Yes
  • Microchip number:  Validate943094320707781
  • Registration Papers Provided:Yes
  • Pet Date of Birth:2016-07-12
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