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Pixie has had a pretty hard life although she doesn’t know it! She’s just had fun along the way. Pix is an especially clever, funny dog though and she knows very well she’s back in foster care & is desperate to find her true forever home.

We’re not sure where Pixie originally came from but she ended up at the Lost Dogs Home as a teen then was adopted by someone who later listed her for free on gumtree. Pixie was taken in by a not-so-organised animal rescue and passed around to different carers due to her energy, size, desperate need for fun and love and due to being placed in unsuitable homes/environments.

Pixie found a foster carer with another foster dog she absolutely adored and they were adopted together!
After a while, Pixie was unhappy with the size of her yard at her new home and decided to start renovating the fence herself. Her family were unable to fortify the fence and although they’d been through so much with her, have taken her to many training classes to try perfect things like her leash walking and love her a lot, they were unable to keep her so Pixie has come back into foster care.

If Pix is going to be left unattended in the backyard, she needs a strong & high fence. Pix is currently in foster care with a larger yard to run around in and is happy to keep herself occupied with her doggy friends for most of the day. She loves to come inside and lay on the couch when allowed but has never been allowed on the bed at her foster home as Pixie is crate trained & sleeps inside in her crate during the night.
Besides crate training, she has basic training and knows how to come, sit, shake and stay. She will easily trade all these behaviours at home for a treat, toy or pat without distraction but when out and about, she is often more interested in other sights and smells than the rewards you can offer (like many dogs!!) so will require more ‘proofing’ and training to get things like her offleash recall perfect!

Pixie gets along well with most dogs but can be quite cheeky sometimes and annoy dogs that are much older in age or generally much less boisterous.
Although Pix is friendly with small dogs and okay with some cats in the right environment – Pixie can not have access to pocket pets, birds etc and would do best in a home with no children to accidentally knock over (aged 12 and up unless you are an especially dog-savvy family (vet, dog trainers etc).

If you think you could have the perfect home for Pixie please get in touch!

Additional Details

  • Veterinary check in the last 12 months:Yes
  • Microchip number:  Validate956000010097771
  • Registration Papers Provided:Yes
  • Pet Date of Birth:1018-03-03
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