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This amazing boys story is wrong on every level. 
Earl found himself in Sydney pound and was meant to go to a rescue not only had his humans let him down but the supposed rescue took in numerous cats many of which died from hunger and thirst. The RSPCA seized many cats some were put to sleep as they were not able to be saved. 
21 cats were left in this persons care Earl was one of them. 
We couldnt bare thinking about these remaining cats and took a drive to Sydney and removed all of the cats from this hellhole and this beautiful man is one of them. 
Earl was scared hungry and so unsure of what was next he had seen so much sadness and pain that I thought he would have lost faith in us humans. 
After a stay at the vets where each time I visited he was so pleased to see me my heart melted. 
Earl is now a chatty man who will need time to settle but he will make the most amazing companion as in a period of 10 days from being saved he gives me nose bumps and his quiet chatter makes me melt. 
Earl is special and I know there will be the perfect home for him.


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  • Pet Date of Birth:2014-01-15
  • Microchip number:  Validate900164001544594
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