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Meet darling “Ripley” (or Ripples as we like to affectionately call her).

Sadly, poor Ripley and her sister Saber were recently surrendered to the pound as their owner was too unwell to continue to care for them. Sad situation for all. The girls were luckily saved from death row to be given a 2nd chance and have gone into foster care together. Took awhile to come out of their shells, as being suddenly removed from their home was bit of a shock to them. But now, we are getting to see their lovely personalities and fun side. Although they recently turned 4 years of age, the girls still sometimes act like big kittens and have a lot of play left in them. The kids have been having fun playing with them. She is probably more sensitive to the louder noises of kids and dogs around the house than her sister Saber. Ripply is such an eloquent little lady. She is finer than Saber and her fur is so silky smooth with gorgeous hints of golden bronze throughout. She loves being up high but has now come down to settle on her favourite cuddly spot on the couch (see photos of her cuddled up on the couch) and loves nothing better than to hang out with you there soaking up all the pats and getting her purring motor going. She is such a well mannered little lady, not in your face with demands but always happy to see you when you come into the room. She’s adjusted to the other foster cats in the room and hasn’t been freaked out by the large dogs she sees outside the glass door everyday. She is desexed and has been fully wormed and vaccinated. She is not a messy eater nor fights over food and has had no problems using a kitty litter tray. Also not one to shed much hair which is great for keeping the couch (and your clothes) clean ?. Perfect little addition to a loving home and if the two sisters could go together, it would make their transition into their new life so much easier for them.

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