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I have one solid blue girl available she has a faint white stripe down the front of her face and it just keeps fading away, photos of her as a new born is included in the pics to show how much white was on her to begin with
She is currently 7 months old and not desexed
she went to a new home for four months and then her owner moved into units but no pets aloud so she came to back to live with me.
I would love to keep her because she is so much like her mum (who is my best friend/nap partner) but that would defeat my whole purpose as a breeder,
this little girl has the most cheekiest personality I’ve seen , even when she gets into mischief she is just so beautiful, and the way she sits sometimes is like she’s a human and she’s the boss, which her mum does the exact same sit, it is amazing how identical she is to her mum, they even lay, stand and speak/bark the same.
I have grown quite attached to this beautiful girl and just like all my puppies , I’d love to stay in touch to watch her journey with her new family, even if it is once a year, but that’s completely up to her new family and I respect and support whatever the decision ends up being.
I also offer lifetime support and im happy to answer any questions you may have , no matter how big, small or even silly you think it may be,
I’ve always be taught that you’ll never know unless you ask 🙂

Mum and dad are our own family pets who both have top champion blue bloodlines.
My breeding pair are very impressive in form, structure and most importantly temperaments, they are inside / outside dogs, spending most of their time inside with my ten year old twins on the lounge or in the kids bedrooms playing dress ups and our dogs lay there and allow the kids to smother them , pick push or even pull them every which way, they are the best companion for any human but they love the company of kids more , our kids and our dogs use each other as pillows , they love the water, playing ball and going for drives in the car.
They are very loyal, affectionate, loving and are just happy to be by your side where ever you go, my boy is hyperactive and full of energy and is always on the go, but my girl has a more chilled back attitude, having afternoon naps with me whenever I have one and she gets so excited to go to bed for a nap, I call her my hip dog because where ever I sit , she will come and cramp herself right on my side/ hip.

I concentrate on breeding stunning, healthy, happy, sound pups and I guarantee the overall quality of this girl and any of my other dogs
and pups, all of my pups are raised inside and are only ever outside adventuring when I am outside with them so my puppies basically have 24/7 human contact and cuddles
This girl is going to be stunning once she is full grown, and with lots of love, patience and training she will not disappoint.

This girls name is macy however if you have a name picked out already that is fine too, pups will come to whatever you call them really.
Macy knows how to sit very well and she has just learnt how to speak on command and lay down,
I am working on the other basic commands like stay , come and fetch, and she is a very quick learner and just wants to please

I’m not the sort of breeder who requests that you fill out a questionnaire form , or needing to know the ins and outs of your household and lifestyle before I decide if you can buy one of my pups,
that’s quite invasive in my opinion and rude,
I know I wouldn’t want any breeder power tripping on a decision weather I can by a puppy or not, another thing I’ve been taught is ,
‘treat those the way you’d like to be treated’
so everything I do as a breeder or provide with my puppies is something that I’d expect or that I’d love to receive if I was puppy shopping again.

Macy comes ON MAINS PEDIGREE and she is also LIFETIME REGISTERED with Blacktown city council, she has had all 3 vaccines so she is
FULLY VACCINATED and will only need a booster vaccine once a year now and that is due at the end of each financial year ( so easy to remember ) she is up to date with heart worm, all worms and flea treatment having one comfortis plus tablet at the end of each month.
She is microchipped
Macy comes with an information folder containing Information and care on the Staffordshire breed,
copies of parents pedigree papers and test results clearing both parents of any genetic disorders, so Macy is also cleared by parentage for any genetic disorders.
She comes with a puppy pack containing
Pooper scooper
Collar , lead and harness
A blanket with mums scent on it
Some treats and a few other things

Macy loves being around people and if I’m ever looking for her I just need to find my kids because Macy is always with them laying across their laps falling asleep, Macy also goes crazy over water and the only fault I can give her is when I fill her water bowls up she will play in the water spashing it all out, so you will need to have a large container or tub for her water.

Macy has such a beautiful personality and it will be hard seeing her go.
I’ve had Macy for a few weeks now but I cant keep making excuses for not advertising her,
my husband could see I was stalling to try and convince him to let us keep her, I know my husband is right and that we can’t keep her not even for breeding because I only have the one stud who is Macy’s dad and I will not hire a stud because I like to be certain that the staffys I breed do have the best of temperaments and the only way to know that is if you live with them 24/7
I’m happy to keep Macy for as long as I need to because her companionship is just heart warming,
And because I really love her and I enjoy her company, she always seams to make me happy and proud of her

If you’d like to come and meet Macy and her parents please call or text my mobile , email or message through gumtree, if you want an almost instant reply or reply on the same day , your better off making contact through my mobile

If you are unsure weather you want to buy
a 2 month old or a 7 month old puppy,
Your more than welcome to meet Macy as many times as you like with no obligations to buy her,
We like people to make their own decisions in their own time and to feel welcomed and comfortable when visiting, and all my staffys love having visitors
None of my puppies are ever a burden and my advice to people is , if a breeder is ever pushing you for an instant answer then you’d want to avoid them,
a responsible breeders role is to provide a happy, healthy purebred puppy, and to welcome potential puppy buyers like they are family or friends just popping in for a visit.

If you would like to see more photos or videos of Macy and or her parents. your more than welcome to send me a text to request more and I’d be happy to share them , I have tons of videos especially because a video says a lot more than what a picture does.

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  • Veterinary check in the last 12 months:Yes
  • Registration Papers Provided:Yes
  • Pet Date of Birth:2019-03-04
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