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Cavoodle! — Labradoodle — No, these are FULLY DNA tested Healthy Amazing Temperament pedigree Australian Cobberdogs.

Miss Molly has 2 miniature babies available a chocolate brown baby boy and a stunning Blue Merle baby boy now available due to postponements

February will arrive with lots of pitter patter we will be welcoming the arrival of Joys miniature Raven babies and Carras tiny miniature babies

all have easy care non-shedding wavy fleece coats we are accepting reservations now.

We extensively DNA test for dozens of potential diseases so we can guarantee you superior health, we also DNA test coats so we know just how good they really are if allergies are a concern.

If you love Cavoodles, Spoodles or Labradoodles you will be besotted over Cobberdogs! Our Australian Cobberdogs are a pedigree registered MDBA pure breed in development but retain hybrid vigour due to our years of stringent genetic health testing and coat [fur] DNA testing, guaranteeing consistency so you know what your gorgeous puppy will grow up to be exactly what you hoped for.

Don`t set yourself up for heartache and vet bills with untested designer puppies, insist on seeing DNA health reports. Tegans Australian Cobberdog mothers and fathers are DNA health screened for all possible inherited diseases associated with ALL breed heritage so we can guarantee your new family member for life.

Our care bears are microchipped, registered, desexed Vaccinated twice, wormed and receive tick protection, and they receive cognitive therapy and training from birth, socialising and so much more, to ensure sound minds, body awareness and development with complete trust in humans, Why do so much extra? Because we care! About you and our babies. We also offer puppy preschool and puppy advanced school to help you settle your new family member into your busy lifestyle. Pricing for a family companion is usually $3200 to $4000 depending on colour and sex. Our puppies have travelled the world since 1998

Cobberdogs are bred to be people dogs they are the only breed on the planet developed specifically to be therapy, Support and assistance dogs, making them equally sensational family companions. Their beautiful wavy non-shed coats are a valued bonus. They have an uncanny intuitive adaptable personality with the most amazing eye to eye connection with you and the natural ability to tune into you’re your moods, stress levels and health adapting their behaviour to comfort and support you even at a tender puppy age. They are of course social and easy to live with they love to please so very easy to train.

To learn more about the Australian Cobberdogs visit our website

Registered Breeder – Numbers provided on my profile.

We are not a kennel our dogs live and work with their own guardian families being wonderful pets right through to working as Medic response, PTS, Autism, Veteran support and assistance dogs. We welcome visits.

We are also accepting reservations for our Medium sized babies due mid-year, visit tegabcobberdogs/babiesdue or use the contact form on the right for more information. Please include your direct email so we can reply with our puppy info pack.

Additional Details

  • Pet Date of Birth:02/01/2019
  • Pet can be re-homed from: 27/02/2019
  • Registration Papers Provided:Yes
  • Is a License required to own this Pet:No
  • Vet premises inspection:Yes
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