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Juice, Pancake and Maple (Syrup) are fun breakfast names given to this trio of delicious kittens! While at home with their foster carer, they are called ‘kitties!’ and ‘puss-puss-puss!’ as well as a bunch of sweet nothings, as they snuggle up for cuddles. So never-fear, you do not need to keep their name!

They have all grown up together after being found as strays, with no mum to care for them. All were bottlefed in care, and have grown up being exposed to different noises and smells, children and other cats.

They all use their litter trays, are used to eating a variety of can food, kibble and fresh chicken necks, chicken hearts and chicken wings (raw meaty bones are fantastic for their teeth!). They also have been flea treated, wormed, and have been bathed a few times as well as have had their claws trimmed.

Juice is a fluffy little lad who enjoys snuggling on the couch with you. He is the most timid out of the trio, and sometimes rushes to hide if he gets startled.

He is a friendly fellow however, and is outgoing and playful.

Available for meet-and-greets at Randwick, NSW.

Additional Details

  • Vet premises inspection:Yes
  • Is a License required to own this Pet:Yes
  • Registration Papers Provided:Yes
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  • Pet Date of Birth:2019-04-29
  • Price: $200

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