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Introducing the gorgeous and handsome Frankie.
He is an indoor lap cat that just sucks up the cuddles. He is approximately 8yo, and totally healthy and up to date on everything, including being desexed.
Frankie is a quiet boy at the start, preferring to suss out his situation, but then as soon as he gathers himself is he super social, affectionate and really relaxed. He would truly fit right into any home.
Since coming into care Frankie has really come out of his shell, and very quickly. It took about two days of persuasion for him to realise we were great, and now he can’t get enough cuddles. He falls asleep on your chest just before bed in response to some nose rubs!!! He also loves to play! Anything string-like and Frankie is there! Chasing around the house and jumping up at it! He really is the best of both worlds!
Frankie does have a little lump on his front paw. This lump has since been checked by a pathologist to determine it is only a benign cyst which will not need to be removed in the future. Apparently he has had it for a very long time, and it hasn’t changed at all nor does it irritate him. We have had a vet check it over, and they don’t suggest removing it and just make sure his new owners are aware of it.

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  • Pet Date of Birth:2011-11-01
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    • Price: $125
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