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Ragdoll kittens available to reserve in different colours, patterns and sexes. Available from End of June through July or further in advance for something special.

All kittens are raised in the home and used to children and dogs, very friendly, not to mention cuddly.

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  • Vet premises inspection:Yes
  • Is a License required to own this Pet:Yes
  • Registration Papers Provided:Yes
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    Q Why a Ragdoll Kitten?

    Ragdolls are renown for their laid back and friendly temperament and are well suited as family pets. They have a silky medium length coat which means less shedding, easy care and less likliehood of allergy problems.

    Q What Should I look for in a Breeder?

    Make sure your breeder is registered and offers a pedigree, which means you are getting a genuine Ragdoll, it is common for other cats to be called ragdoll and they are not. The cat should be floppy and easy to handle, should have blue eyes for sure.
    It's also a good idea to enquire of the breeder shows their cats as this will verify they are a serious breeder and that their cats are the correct breed standard.
    Pet Kittens should ALWAYS come desexed. Ethical breeders would not sell a pet without desexing it, and further desexing will cost $200-$400 so take that into account when comparing.

    Q Is it ethical to desex a young kitten?

    The answer is yes. Their is an abundance of myths out there that it will somehow be bad for the animal if it is desexed to early. So long as the kitten is the correct age and weight then there is no problem.
    It is actually worse to allow the cat to go undesired and start to mature, spray, call and go through hormonal changes and then try to fix that behavioural problem later, not to mention that entire cats are far more likely to stray.

    Q Are Ragdolls Indoor Cats

    Technically, like plants, there is no such thing as an 'indoor cat'! However there are cats that are well suited in their temperament to being indoors, and the Ragdoll is one of those.
    Further, Ragdolls like to be around people, so a pet Ragdoll tends not to stray, and the question about letting them outside is more a question of risk. Because they are trusting and friendly they are more likely to meet with an accident, be stolen or be attacked by other animals, so it really depends on the environment ad conditions of the pet owners situation rather than the pet itself.

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