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General Questions

PETspot is a centralised platform for the ethical sale and purchase of pets. We are the first platform in Australia to bring the entire pet community together on one site. You can compare available pets near you from both ethical breeders and shelters or find a Pet Service near you.
We began the PETspot journey in March 2018 and we had our public launch in December 2018.
PETspot is a free service that allows users to search listings and also create a free Account for access to additional features. However, posting a listing on PETspot does incur a small fee, by clicking on the ‘+Add Listing  button. This also requires you to create an Account.  
The Site Map to all of PETspot’s links is located in the footer under ‘Explore.’
Creating an Account on PETspot is free, easy and offers many beneficial features for the User. The ability to save viewed listings as well as publishing reviews on other User Accounts are a few of many. To post a listing on PETspot it is mandatory that you create a free Account .
Hover over your account name and click  Update Profile ‘ .
Yes! PETspot does not store or save any payment information as all payments are safely processed through trusted third party checkouts such as PayPal and Stripe. PETspot also takes extra steps to ensure the security of your personal information through the use of an SSL certificate represented by the lock icon next to the URL. SSL Certificates encrypt all data entered into the site ensuring a safe and secure connection!
We accept Mastercard, Visa, AMEX and PayPal.
Google Chrome is recommended by PETspot as this site is specifically optimised for this browser. Users will experience the fastest load times and minimal chances of bug issues.
Soon we will be introducing a PETspot ‘Lost and Found’ feature where you can report any lost pets, helping to reunite them with their owners.
As of now, there is no PETspot app, however this is something we are hoping to work on in the future!
We have many features in the works for future updates such as a “lost and found” feature and many others! Stayed tuned and follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates

Questions for Buyers

Once you have found a Pet you like it is recommended you get in contact with the seller and arrange to visit the Pet. All sellers should allow you to visit the Pet and assess the conditions they are raised in.
PETspot only facilitates the connection between breeders/shelters and buyers, meaning we do not allow the payment/purchase of pets to be made online through the site.
PETspot has strict ethical policies regarding sellers and the guidelines they must meet. All sellers have to provide valid documentation before obtaining a breeder or shelter account on PETspot. Also, unlike other sites, PETspot provides the community with a voice by allowing users to review the shelters and breeders they have visited. Although PETspot does not perform physical site checks itself, it has a zero-tolerance policy for sellers who do not abide by PETspot’s values and if proven will be immediately banned.
Please also note PETspot does not own or operate any of the pet sellers on the site and is simply a connection platform.
Contacting and visiting the seller is essential in ensuring you are buying from an ethical seller, as you can see the Pet and assess the conditions they are raised in. If any cruelty or poor conditions are witnessed please report this to PETspot via our Contact Us Form. We take each case seriously and will perform investigations and then pass on the report to a relevant external body.
You can report any listing by clicking on the ‘Report Now!’ button on its page. Also, you can review any seller by visiting their profile and clicking on the star ‘Reviews’ tab. If the matter is of a serious nature please reach out to us via the Contact Us form.
There is a Members search page located in the PETspot footer which you allows you to find all accounts registered with PETspot. You are then able to refine your search using the available filters.

Questions for Sellers

There are many benefits of selling on PETspot! Firstly we are the only centralised platform that facilitates the purchasing and selling of all Pets, which will greatly increase each individual listings exposure due to the ability to provide extensive detail. Another benefit is that the seller knows they are using a trusted platform with strict ethical policies which promote a positive reputation to all those that are successful with becoming a member and apart of the PETspot community.
Ensure your listing is as detailed and accurate as possible by providing all essential information! For more information please reference “What to look for in a listing” Page
PETspot offers many options for users to increase their listings’ exposure. Please visit our Advertise with us‘ page for more information!
Registered Breeder and Shelter accounts are eligible to sign up to the business plan! This offers them the ability to sign up to a subscription-based plan which includes unlimited listings and many other features for a small fee per month!
If you are a Registered Breeder or Shelter you can create a free Account on PETspot by clicking “Join Now/Sign Up” Which gives you access to our respective Breeder/Shelter plans!
If you are a Registered Pet Service you can create a free Account on PETspot by clicking “Join Now/Sign Up” Which gives you access to our exclusive Pet Service plan!
A Registered Pet Service Member will have exclusive access to the Pet Service plan! During listing submission selection of the Pet Service Category and relevant detailed information is required.
To unsubscribe from any Breeder/Shelter/Pet Service plan simply fill out the Unsubscribe from package” Form.

If your question has not been answered, please Contact PETspot