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Advertise with us

Advertise with PETspot and enjoy the benefits of targeted high traffic exposure.

We offer two advertising options:  1. Internal    2. Google and Banner Ads

1. Internal

Internal advertising options are aimed at members who have or aspire to have a listing on PETspot in one of its categories. This could include but is not limited to Breeders and Shelters with pet listings or Pet Service businesses with listings to promote their specific business type like vets, dog sitting, dog washes etc.


This can be found once an account has been created on PETspot and a listing has been submitted.
Under Dashboard > Start new ad campaign.
Options include:
  • “Home Page Ads”
  • “Top of Search Results Ads”
  • “You may also like Ads”

2. Google and Banner Ads

Google and Banner Ads help businesses looking to capture PETspots high traffic but do not have a listing on the site. They provide businesses with an option to place banners around the PETspot site to advertise their businesses service or product.
*It must be noted that we only allow businesses to advertise on the site which have values that align with PETspots.


To enquire or for more details, Please contact support@thepetspot.com.au.